I'm a French IT Student at SUPINFO International University in France, currently studying Linux systems engineering.

I love learning and teaching. During the past three years, I taught Linux and Cloud-related courses to undergraduate students and I did some lectures about Internet's basics (security, socials networks, open-sources, etc...) to non-tech peoples.

Besides school assignments, I'm hacking around with Python and some Javascript.

I Skied and played Tennis since I can walk. I love reading and learning new science and tech-related stuff.

Work experience :

ESRF - The European Synchrotron
  • LINUX Systems administration
  • Building an environment around Docker :
    • Orchestration (Docker Swarm)
    • Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana)
    • Registry (Docker Registry & Portus)
  • Python coding (scripts and helpers)
  • Docker-izing some services
  • November 2015 - October 2017
ESRF - The European Synchrotron
  • LINUX Systems administration
  • Writing a data-export software (based on my Copy project)
  • Building an early-PoC around the Kolla platform
  • August - October 2015
  • LINUX and Cloud teacher
  • Undergraduates students
  • Since Mars 2015
ESRF - The European Synchrotron
  • LINUX Systems administration
  • Services updates and migrations
  • Day to day helpdesk
  • September - October 2014
SUPINFO Grenoble
  • SUPINFO Grenoble's Information Systems team leader
  • Servers virtualization : SAMBA, OpenLDAP, TFTP/PXE, DNS
  • Cisco administration (Switchs, APs)
  • Since Novembre 2013
Seyssinet-Pariset's City Hall
  • LINUX administration
  • Update of the IT and Assets Management Software
  • PoC-ing a monitoring solution based on Shinken with GLPI integration
  • September - October 2013

Books I love :